OF.RA. Officine Ravenna

OF.RA. Officine Ravenna


Capabilities and Resources

Nowadays OF.RA. is able to supply to its Clients both finished products of which they coordinate and perform design and engineering, and products according to Customer design, and to supply repair, maintenance overhaul services, or to perform erection at site.

In order to do this, OF.RA. avails itself of its two Operational Divisions:

• The Prefabrication and Welding Division

• The Assembly and Maintenance Division


The location of the Prefabrication and Welding Division, well placed within the harbour of Ravenna makes easy loading and unloading of large size items, reducing times and cost of shipment.

The availability of a paved yard sizing more than 10.000 square meter enables the assembly of large size structures and their storage for limited periods of time.

The Assembly and Maintenance Division is located about 10 km Southwest of the Prefabrication and Welding Division.

It has available a large aseptic covered area for mechanical, hydraulic and electrical assembly of complicated equipment and plant, and of a large paved yard for assembly of large equipment.

In particular, the Prefabrication and Welding Division has capacities for:

• Design and manufacture of pressure vessels to PED Directive or ASME Code

• Manufacture mono or multidisciplinary skid mounted plant and equipment

• Manufacture steel structures according to D.M.14 January 2008

• Manufacture piping in carbon, alloy steel, stainless, duplex, superduplex steel, aluminium


The Assembly and Maintenance Division is able to supply services for:

• Maintenance and overhaul at site

• Repair, maintenance and re-vamping

• Yard activities and site assembly and erection


It can operate onto winches, wheel cranes, yard machinery and equipment, hydraulic plant.

It can assure EXD execution, as a BERTINEX authorized workshop.

Company staff consists of technicians and administrative personnel and labour force for production and site activities.

Welders and welding operators own valid qualifications to EN standards and/or ASME Code for the various techniques in use and types and grades of material worked.

Company has available in-house personnel holding valid qualification as International Welding Technologist according to IIW, as II° level NDT according to EN 473 and SNT Tc 1 A and registered University Engineer.

Moreover, company has valid agreements with suppliers of NDT services having personnel qualified to III° level EN and SNT TC 1A and to II° level NDT for all techniques and methods.


  • Any kind of welding process
  • Steel structures
  • Boilers and pressure vessels in accordance with ASME code or P.E.D rules
  • Assembly and welding of carbon steel, stainless steel, iconel and alloy piping
  • Prefabrication and assembly of packaged units, including E&I system
  • Structural frames for offshore and well drilling equipment
  • Assembling system and general and specific machines:
    • oleodynamics
    • machanics
    • electrics
    • instrumentals
    • pneumatics
    • assembly system
  • Maintenance and service
  • CNC machine tools
  • Nondestructive test:
    • ultrasound
    • dye penetrant checks
    • magnetic-particle tests


OF.RA. Srl Officine Ravenna s.u.

Legal and Administrative

Via del Trabaccolo, 10 (Porto S. Vitale)

48122 Ravenna (RA)

Tel. 0544 430067 Fax 0544 435162

P.I. 02014050393


Division Prefabrications and Welding

Via del Trabaccolo, 10 (Porto S. Vitale)

48122 Ravenna (RA)

Tel. 0544 430247 Fax 0544 436920


Division Assemblys

Via Don Pio dalle Fabbriche, 16

Tel. 0544 566111

48011 Alfonsine (RA)


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