OF.RA. Officine Ravenna

OF.RA. Officine Ravenna



In addition to the activities above mentioned, Ofra is also able to perform the following:

  • Design of pressure vessels in accordance with ASME or UNI-PED or according to the customer's specification
  • Drawings and calculation reports of structures, technical brochures and operation and maintenance handbooks
  • All sorts of nondestructive tests, from x-raysto ultasound (UT), penetrant liquids (PT), magnetic particles (MT), PMI and all kinds of destructive tests
  • Supervised heat treatments
  • Surface treatments as hot galvanizing, electrolytic galvanizing, chromium platings, and all sorts of paitings
  • High precision working at machine tools
  • On site assemblies
  • Revisions construction machinery, pumps, generators, machines revamping


OF.RA. Srl Officine Ravenna s.u.

Legal and Administrative

Via del Trabaccolo, 10 (Porto S. Vitale)

48122 Ravenna (RA)

Tel. 0544 430067 Fax 0544 435162

P.I. 02014050393


Division Prefabrications and Welding

Via del Trabaccolo, 10 (Porto S. Vitale)

48122 Ravenna (RA)

Tel. 0544 430247 Fax 0544 436920


Division Assemblys

Via Don Pio dalle Fabbriche, 16

Tel. 0544 566111

48011 Alfonsine (RA)


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